Understanding Your Figures using the All Contacts Report

31st-Aug-2023 Tips Advice

Understanding your numbers and how your customers behave is a crucial part of making business decisions.

It helps you work out what you need to do to attract more bookings, to encourage your existing customers to spend more - and to increase your profits.

Your 'All Contacts' report in Book That In can help with that.

Here are some examples...

You can use the All Contacts report to:

  1. Discover your customers' Average Lifetime Spend
    This allows you to determine many things, such as how much you should be spending on your marketing.

  2. Discover the Average Number of Bookings your customers make
    This shows you how effective you are at retaining customers and encouraging re-booking.

  3. See how many of your Trial bookings are converting to full bookings
    Shining a light on this over time allows you to test different strategies for converting trials, and seeing what works best.

And you can pull out many more useful trends and conclusions in addition to this...

Check out our new video that walks you through this:

How To Use The All Contacts Report to Analyse Your Data


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