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Read testimonials and reviews from verified Book That In customers. Discover what they really think about the UK's fastest growing challenger online booking system that is taking the country by storm.

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Amanda Frolich - Amanda's Action Club

"I use Book That in as Tim and his wonderful team offer an incredible customer care service. I am not very technical therefore need constant support. Tim is always there to help me.

My customers find the system easy to use and he is always updating it to suit his clients needs.

I highly recommend Book That In."

Helen Meredith - The Mummas Village

"Tim from Book That In has been amazing: so incredibly helpful, brilliant at explaining things and so open to making things better and easier, he’s always coming up with ideas on how to improve on what they already have.

I’ve used a few systems and personally I’ve found Book That In to be the easiest with a great level of functionality and plenty of options that make life running classes so much easier. x"

Jenny Daniels - Make It Groovy

"I am so glad I found Book That In to take bookings for my small business. The system is so easy to use, it has so many useful functions and really helps to keep on top of all my admin - giving me time back and peace of mind that my customers are getting a great experience.

Tim is amazing - he gives so much support and is always there to answer questions.

Highly recommend 😀"

Caireen McMillan - Storyland Express

"Book that in have been outstanding in helping set up online booking for my storytelling classes.

The system is easy to use, visually highly appealing and can be branded and embedded on your own website. An excellent booking system and amazing support!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I researched widely into which booking system to use and this was the best. Very reasonably priced and user friendly. It has the functionality I was looking for in setting up recurring bookings, waiting lists, free tasters, pricing options and being able to adjust dates.

Tim has always been available to answer questions and has provided so much support. They have even tailor adjusted a couple of things to fit what I was looking for.

 Thank you 😀"

Chloe Pullara - The Phonics Fox

"I have been so impressed with the whole experience of Book That In! 

As a franchisor, I am really enjoying the new franchisor feature which enables you to automatically collect fees and see how well each franchisee is performing. It is very easy to use- meaning you literally don’t have to do anything or worry about calculating and collecting fees every month.

Tim and the team are so incredibly helpful and responsive and make the whole system easy to use. Nothing is ever too much trouble whenever I email and ask for help.

Tim is equally helpful towards my franchisees. He sets them up individually and explains the system, giving extra support where needed. He really is one of the team! He’s always keen to know how well things are working for us all and wants to make the whole experience more user friendly.

All our customers are really happy with the system too. They find it easy to use and it integrates perfectly with the website.

Thank you Tim and the team at Book That In!"

Sarah Earis - Brilliant Bricks

"I have been using Book That In for a few months now, for my children's activity business. The system is very intuitive and easy to use.

It supports my business so well as I need something that is a bit of a hybrid between class bookings and events - this fits perfectly!

The help function is comprehensive when I have needed to access it. The waitlist function has been really useful too. Another excellent thing about choosing Book That In is the access to its founder Tim, who is always so helpful, patient and explains things so clearly.

I am just about to implement the franchise element of the system and I already feel confident my new franchisees and their customers will find the system as easy to use and appealing as I do."

Rebecca Ashton - The Right Step Dance Company

"We use Book That In for just a few lessons so far and it works really well for us. It will be very easy to expand when we're ready.

The service is personal, friendly and really helpful.

It's good value for money and they're always developing and improving what's on offer.

I highly recommend Book That In."

Sophie Turner - Stretches & Strokes

"I used Book That In to launch my parent and baby classes and was so impressed with both the service and the booking system itself!

From the outset, Tim was so incredibly helpful and went out of his way to ensure all of my classes were set up properly in my account. Once the classes launched, the system was so easy to use for both myself and my customers.

The waitlist function also worked really well so I could see who else had hoped to book on, and enabled me to see that it would be worthwhile in opening up two more classes."

Jen Skym - Jeneration Fitness

“Initially I was interested in Book That In as it was cheaper than Paypal.

As I began to use it however, I found out it was so much more than that and a brilliant way of tracking and retaining clients.

Tim set everything up perfectly and is quick to help when needed. The 'idiot proof' video tutorials are helpful when I need a reminder of how different aspects of the system work.

As my business grows, this system will save me so much in the way of admin time.”

Lisa Valentine - Lisa Valentine Yoga

"Fabulous friendly and very helpful service, I highly recommend Book That In to all types of businesses that require payments for bookings."

Christine Ferguson - My First Club

"Book That In has everything you need to reduce admin and create the professionalism needed to impress customers.

Tim has been fantastic and it was an easy decision to choose Book That In. Tim set everything up for me so that it was so easy to take control of my own booking system!"

Steph Standing - The Mummas Village

"We use Book That In and it's been fab! Their support and customer service is exceptional and they have the lowest fees around."

Carrie Prideaux - Hope Yoga Yorkshire

"Book That In was just what I needed when I was setting up a new yoga practice.

I found it really straight forward to use and I can easily track customers, attendance, payment and make changes to classes really quickly if it’s necessary. The team supported me with my initial set up for free! Amazing!

Adding new classes and price structures took a little care at first but once I figured it out, watching the video guides provided, I soon became comfortable with the user interface.

Tim is a superstar and so ready to offer his support. I love the way he explains things and the personal touch is brilliant. I particularly appreciate Tim recording himself using the platform and sharing the video so I can follow along and learn. I also appreciate how quickly he responds to any questions.

Book That In really eased the pressure when setting up my company and the integration with Stripe just made it all even easier.

I am a very very happy customer. Thank you so much!"

Emma Jones - Baby College Swansea

"Book That in has been a life saver for me. I was getting bogged down with incredible amounts of admin and worry about receiving payments and the organisation involved with that. All of that disappeared when I started using Book That In.

I definitely don't make use of all of its functionality but am looking forward to using it more and more and learning how to use it to best benefit me and my business.

The support from the technical team is fab (and massively tolerant of some pretty inept questions!) Definitely recommend!"

Georgia Yiapanis - Learning to Learn Together

"I can’t express how incredibly helpful Tim has been in supporting from start to finish!

From helping to set up my page from scratch to sending informative video tutorials every time I need some help with editing the page. Honestly he has been fundamental in getting the foundational runnings of my small business flowing smoothly which has been invaluable to me in these early stages.

If I could give more stars I would.

Thank you for your continued support and providing such a personal service 🙏💫☺️"