New and Improved Functionality in March / April 2024 Updates

25th-Apr-2024 Updates


We've released a few updates to Book That In over March & April 2024, with quite a lot of new or improved functionality (and a few bug fixes too!)

You might have noticed some of them already, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of everything in these updates to help you get more out of Book That In :-)

Check out the new features below - I hope you like them!

Please do let us know your thoughts.


New Quick Search



It's now quick and easy to find your clients' details, using the new 'Quick Search' option.

You will see it at the top of every screen (as above).

It defaults to searching for Participants by their name - however, you can click on the magnifying glass to search by email, or first/last name too.

See Quick Search in Action


Add 'Time Slot' Options to Your Bookings


Time Slots come into their own when you want to give your customers the option to book from a selection of times on the same date.

They make the customer journey much slicker when taking bookings for things like appointments, parties, tutoring sessions or holiday camps,.

They also allow you to make the most of the flexibility that Price Bands offer, with multiple bookings options (think different party packages), or Extras (thing upsells and upgrades).

Learn more about Time Slots


New 'Update Booking' Option


Updating an event or class booking is now super easy!

This is really useful when you need to change the dates on a customer's booking within a block of events, or a term of classes.

For example, if you want to move a 'PAYG' booking from one date to another, or add extra dates to a customer's booking, or if they can no longer attend some sessions and you want to free up their space for others to book.

You can even process a charge or refund for any balance due or owed at the same time.

Learn how to Update Bookings


More Options to Convert Trials

Generate 'Trial Attended' Link

Ever wished you could send the unique 'trial attended' link to a trialist after they've attended - perhaps outside the system via text or email?

Well, now you can! Simply select the new 'Trial Attended Link' from the register to generate the link.

Convert to Full Booking

Now you don't even need to wait for a customer to receive their 'Trial Attended' email and link if you don't want to.

If they tell you they want to sign up to your full class, now you can just whip out your phone, click 'Update Booking', and convert the trial to a full booking - and you can even charge their card (for paid trials)! Right there with them.

Learn more about Converting Trials


Other Improvements

There were a whole bunch of other improvements in our latest releases - here is a flavour:

  • Improved: General system speed improvement so pages load quicker and exports generate quicker.

  • Improved: The number of people on a waiting list now shows on the 'View/Notify Waiting List' button on the Group Overview.

  • Improved: Booking form now specifies 'Your First Name' and 'Your Surname' when asking for booker's information.

  • Improved: BCC option added to 'Admin' email templates - to allow you to copy in others to notifications.

  • Improved: Participant Name has been added to all Auto Re-enrolment screens, to help identifying individuals more quickly.

  • Improved: New tab for 'Cancellations' added to registers, so you can see all cancelled bookings, and process refunds and other actions after cancelling.

  • Improved: Classes and Events are now included in the default view on the Group Overview for 24 hours after the final date in the block, before being moved to 'Past Events'.

  • Improved: Staff Invitation process is now clearer, to prevent invites being accepted on the wrong account.

  • Improved: 'Checkbox' booking questions now appear as check boxes, instead of Yes/No toggles.

  • Improved: Sending an email from the Group Overview confirms email addresses for all date options, so it's always clear who emails are going to.

  • Improved: {*cf} merge tag now displays answers to all custom fields in emails, including 'Booking Level' custom questions.

  • Improved: When booking, T&Cs and Privacy Policy now display in the centre of the screen (previously on mobile, they sometimes appeared off-screen).

  • Improved: 'All Contacts' export now includes all 'Booking Level' fields, including 'Email Opt In Status' to help with analysis and uploads to mailing apps.

  • Improved: 'Booking Warning' Field on Booking Types is now a Rich Text field, allowing you to format the information in this field, so the information displays much better in confirmation emails.

  • Improved: 'Trial Attended' and 'Final Session' emails are now sent at the end of a session, instead of when clicked, so they reach parents after the session.

  • Improved: 'Final Session' emails can now be switched off for your account (from the email template, or the pop up itself) if you do not use them - preventing unwanted pop ups.

  • Improved: Shortcut links have been added, taking you to the client details from a subscription 'register' list and vice versa.

  • Improved: Failed payment notification for subscription payments now only sends on recurring payments (not on sign up booking) and includes more information.


Bug Fixes

There were a whole bunch of other improvements in our latest releases - here is a flavour:

  • Fixed: Adding links and images to emails sent from the register and Group Overview now works again.

  • Fixed: Can now add manual bookings from the Group Overview for events without Price Bands.

  • Fixed: Archived Data Protection questions no longer show on booking form.

  • Fixed: Direct Category links no longer show 'off widget' booking types.

  • Fixed: Price Display Bug: price no longer appears below 'Place Available' text on Widget (was happening in some situations).

  • Fixed: Franchise report now shows correct refunds for franchisees at all times.

  • Fixed: 'Chat with Us' button no longer interferes with pop ups on mobile.

  • Fixed: 'Incomplete' subscription sign ups no longer count against capacity.

  • Fixed: 'Trialing' or 'delayed start' subscriptions do count against capacity correctly now.

  • Fixed: Subscriptions with failed payments display correctly on subscription list now.

  • Fixed: Auto re-enrolment now passes through correct number of sessions for the 'default price calculator'.

  • Fixed: Very rare double-payment issue now identified and fixed.


If you have any feedback, or would like to request a new feature, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

To your success,


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