Book That In - August Update

19th-Aug-2021 Updates


Whether you're taking a break, in full flow with summer sessions, or gearing up for September, I hope you're enjoying the summer!

This week we released our latest update to Book That In with an upgraded look, some new functionality and plenty of under-the-hood bug fixes.

Here are some changes you will find next time you login:


1. New Pages and Updated Navigation

We've added some new pages to the site to provide more information about the services we offer, added in a quick link to our help centre and started our blog.

Watch the video to see the new look:

2. Booking Types Area Phased Out

The Group Overview has been the main area for managing your classes and events for several months now, so we have completed its ascension by phasing out and removing the old Booking Types view for Classes and Events. Now everything you need to do to manage your classes and events will be done from the Group Overview.

Click here to see how to add new classes and events from the Group Overview.

Re-watch our Introduction to the Group Overview to discover what you can do there:


3. New Charge and Refund Option

On the Attendance Register for Group Events in the Group Overview, you will now find a new option that allows you to charge your customers' cards or refund payments without needing to transfer or cancel their booking.

It's super handy for ad hoc refunds and an easy way for you to take instalment payments for terms of classes too.

See how it works here:



4. New Minimum Term Option for Subscriptions

Do your subscription options have a minimum commitment period, during which your customers are not allowed to cancel? Now Book That In supports this!

The new 'Minimum Term' setting prevents your customers from cancelling via their account for a set period (though you can still cancel from your side if you want), giving you more control over minimum commitment periods.

Check our new Minimum Terms feature:



... And the Bug Fixes include (among other things):

  • Revenue export now includes revenue from Extras
  • 'Copy From' feature for dates/terms now copies correct start time
  • Waiting List emails no longer go to staff member when ‘Send Admin Emails’ is unticked
  • Notify Waiting list now includes classes that are off the widget as options
  • Site speed improvements

And we've already started work on our next update! New features in the pipeline include taking franchise fees at source for franchisors and a major upgrade for Price Bands and ticket options. We'll let you know more in due course.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback on these improvements, or if you would like to request any other changes, please don't hesitate to contact me!

To your success,


Tim Freed, Co-Founder, Book That In

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