August 2023 Book That In Update

31st-Aug-2023 Updates

As ever, we've been working hard behind the scenes to add in new features to Book That In to help you save time and grow your business.

Below are a few of our most recent updates that are ready for you to use now.

1. New 'Quick Add' Manual Booking


Need to add a booking for a customer yourself? You can now quickly do this 'on the fly' for events and classes from the Group Overview.

Click on the 'Actions' menu for the class in question, then select 'Add Booking'.

Simple as that!

Learn How to Add a Manual Booking


2. New 'Final Session in Booking' Reminder Email


This is a great new feature if you allow your customers flexibility when booking - for example, when you offer the option for Pay As You Go bookings, or anything other than a 'full block' booking.

Now, the system can send out a reminder to your customers to encourage them to book some more classes, when their current booking comes to an end.

See How Final Session Reminder Email Works


3. Customers can now Unsubscribe from Your Marketing Emails


Your customers can now opt out of receiving marketing or 'ad hoc' emails sent from you via Book That In.

This has been an essential step for us to take as more and more businesses use Book That In to send marketing emails - as it is a requirement of GDPR that customers can opt out of non-essential communications (such as marketing emails).

You can also unsubscribe (or re-subscribe) customers yourself if your customers request that you do so.

Learn How to Manage Your Customers' Email Opt-in Settings

How Your Customers Can Opt in and out of Non-Essential Emails


4. Other Improvements:

  • You will now receive automatic email notifications to alert you when a subscription payment fails.
  • You can quickly jump to view the relevant register when viewing a client's booking details in the Clients area. (Look out for the register icon!)
  • We have tidied up the 'Email Templates' area in Company Settings to make it easier for you to find the template you need.
  • You can now send yourself test versions of all email templates to make sure you are happy with any edits you have made.
  • Plus various bug fixes and other minor improvements.

We hope you find these updates useful!

Is there anything YOU would like to us to introduce or change in Book That In? Let me know!

All our development work is based on feedback from you, our clients.

So I would love to hear from you!

To your success,


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