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Amanda's Action Club - Bubbles

Amanda Frolich first discovered Book That In by advertising her Amanda's Action Club classes on the Toddle About website. Dissatisfied with her online booking system at the time, she decided to give Book That In a try and has never looked back. This case study is based on an interview with Amanda, and helps explain why she moved to Book That In, what she likes about it and how she used it.

What is Amanda's Action Club?

Amanda’s Action Club provides award winning, classes, parties and events to children aged from 4 months up to 3 years old. With singing, dancing, learning and playing – the most important aspect is the fun element which stimulates imagination and teaches children about themselves and the world they live in.

Amanda's Action Club on Book That inUp and Running in Record Time

Amanda initially used another booking system to enable parents to book and pay for her classes and parties, but unfortunately this was fraught with many problems.

Back in early 2020, Amanda was looking for new and different ways to promote her children's classes and she listed them for free on the Toddle About website. She didn't realise it at the time, but Toddle About was a marketplace website that was powered by a local Booking System; Book That In. Amanda spoke with co-founder Tim Freed and quickly realised they already knew each other from a Baby Club event some years earlier. She started taking bookings through the Toddle About website, using Book That In, alongside her existing booking platform.

Impressed by the booking system and the advice and support she received, Amanda decided to replace her core booking system with Book That In and it was set up on Amanda’s Action Club website when the UK went into its first national lockdown in March 2020. Within less than two hours, Tim and Amanda’s web developer had everything up and running. Which was amazing for her business.

How do you use Book That In?

Amanda takes bookings and payments through Book That In for her classes which run across London, both indoors and outside. She gives her customers a lot of flexibility by allowing them to book in single sessions or blocks of any size - she offers them discounts for larger block bookings, which encourages them to commit for more sessions and allows her to plan more easily.

Having played around with navigation options, Amanda uses the 'Categories' navigation option in Book That In to allow her customers to find the right class for them, first by selecting their preferred location and then by selecting the best day and time at that location.

Amanda is always on the go and predominantly accesses her Book That In account on her mobile - ticking off attendees on registers on her phone, checking who has bought a prop bag, and sending out emails if the weather turns and outdoor classes have to be moved indoors.

Amanda's Action Club - Outdoors

Book That In Gives Time Back

When asked what Amanda likes about the Book That In system, the compliments couldn’t come in quickly enough.

She finds it incredibly easy to use despite, by her own admission, being a technophobe who hates having to learn how to operate new technology. So, the fact that she feels comfortable using the system is a massive bonus. Amanda says, “It’s easy and things can be done at the touch of button.”

The biggest benefit though, comes in the form of Managing Director, Tim Freed. Amanda has found him to be incredibly patient, someone who is able to resolve any issue straight away. She loves the personable experience she has had from Tim since the day she decided to deploy the Book That In system. Tim has worked alongside Amanda’s web developer to ensure data can be easily exported out of the system and most importantly, she feels that by being able to pick up the phone and speak to Tim, he has given her time back to run her business. “He is an absolute asset to my business,” comments Amanda.

5-Star Customer Service

Amanda had looked at 8 other booking systems and has since been approached by many of Book That In’s competitors, but says that there is no way she will move away and would recommend that system a million to 1, saying; “It’s slick. I’m pleased with the quick response times and give it a 5-star rating for customer service - look no further than Book That In.”

For Amanda, a system that works so efficiently also reflects well on her business and the message she is sending out to her customers that she is professional and reliable.

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