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About WonderDog Mantrailing Lancaster

I am Ana Porroche-Escudero, an accredited Mantrailing UK instructor and founder of Wonderdog Mantrailing Lancaster. I am currently a student of Marka Training Academy and a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild. I like to keep updated with the latest knowledge about best dog training practices so attending conferences, seminars and webinars is important for me. I have attended webinars by Fenzi Dogs Sports Academy, PPG, Kamal Fernandez, Susan Garrett and Mantrailing Global. You can often see me training with my dogs Edarra and Bilbo. I am DBS clear and fully insured with Cliverton.

Outside dog sports and behaviour, I am a Lecturer in Health Research (Lancaster University) and have an international reputation as a researcher in the fields of health inequalities, women’s health and transdisciplinary. I have degrees in Social Work and Anthropology, a MA in Women’s Studies and a PhD in Medical Anthropology. I use my research skills to look and evaluate the latest evidence about dog training so I can use it and adapt in my work.

I am also a experienced teacher and became Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2013. This award is given to professionals that demonstrate commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and development.

While I training dogs is important I am also passionate about working with pet owners to understand their unique challenges and learning abilities so I can help to develop a strong bond with their dogs. Happy dogs are well behaved dogs!

What is Mantrailing?

Mantrailing the UK's fastest growing dog sport. It is an exciting, addictive and low impact sport both for humans and dogs. All dogs have a natural ability to hunt and mantrailing provides them with an outlet to do this is in a safe, controlled and constructive way. We teach them how to harness their amazing sense of smell and turn it into a super fun hide and seek activity to do together as a sport. Mantrailing is suitable for all dogs of any age, breed, size or fitness level with no previous training needed. Dogs are kept on leads or long lines at all times so your dog doesn't have to have a good recall to take part. All dogs love it! It is also well suited to reactive and anxious dogs because only one dog trails at a time.

Mantrailing is not physically demanding for humans but you may be power walking across challenging terrains and need to be able to confidently hold onto your dog while it pulls in a harness for a period of time (don’t worry we will support you and if needed we can double line your dog for extra safety and peace of mind!).


1. If you haven't completed an introduction and you can't see any dates advertise, please get in touch. No previous experience needed.

2. Your dog will be required to rest in the car in between trails or when you are hiding for another dog. There is always someone on dog car watch, we don't leave dogs in cars when it is hot - most dogs learn and train better with regular car breaks. But if you feel you cannot leave your dog in the car, then Mantrailing won't be for you.

3. Mantrailing takes place outside. We still go ahead in the rain, cold, etc. We will only cancel if there is an extreme weather event.

4. You need to attend, or have attended an introductory workshop with a Mantrailing UK instructor to participate in regular Mantrailing workshops. The introduction workshops cost £62 one dog/one handler. Subsequent regular Mantrailing sessions are £22 for one dog/one handler.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Email: wonderdog.mantrailing@gmail.com

Contact number: 07798873964 

Facebook: Wonderdog Mantrailing

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What We Do

  • Mantrailing Session 0


    Please bring with you:

    * 4 small -medium sized Tupperware containers with high value food in them such as tinned fish, wet cat food or wet dog food - you may need to do a taste test at home first to see what your dogs preference is.

    * A large handful of dried kibble or treats

    * Well fitted Harness

    * Flat collar

    * 8-l0 metre training line

    * A scent article sealed in a plastic sandwich bag. This could be any item of clothing you’ve been wearing beforehand such as a sock or scarf

    * Suitable clothing and footwear for the weather

    * Coat for the dog if needed

    * Your dog' s favourite toy

    * Fresh bottled water and a bowl for the dog

    * Poo bags

    Dogs are worked individually which means that anxious and reactive but awesome dogs can take part too. This does mean that your dog will spend some time in their car between trails. Any breed, size and fitness level is welcome.

  • Nosework for beginners 0

  • Wolfwood Christmas Fundraiser: Nosework device extravanganza 0

    Give yourself and children imagination free reign in this fun collage workshop inspired by my passion for nosework.  

    In this fun and relaxed online sessions, participants will create a scent detection device that you can use to play with your dog.

    What will you need? Scissors, markers, scrap wrap paper, glue, toilet paper rolls and a cardboard box.

    This workshop is suitable for children.

    The workshop is online, using Google Meet. The link will be shared upon booking.

    All funds raised will go to Wolfwood. You know that Wolfwood has a special place in Wonderdog’s heart. The charity welcomed Bilbo with open arms when he was surrendered. Carlos and I was lucky that Steve’s & Co. trusted us big time to adopt him.

    Cost: £5.50 (including booking fee)

    Date: Sunday 10 December

    Time: 11am-12:30pm You will finish on time to enjoy your delicious Sunday roast!

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